Functional analysis of a mutation in the cattle motilin gene  Page description

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Details of project

Type PD
Principal investigator Hoffmann, Orsolya Ivett
Title in Hungarian A szarvasmarha motilin gén mutációjának funkcionális vizsgálata
Title in English Functional analysis of a mutation in the cattle motilin gene
Keywords in Hungarian szarvasmarha, genomika, promóter, SNP
Keywords in English bovine, genomics, promoter, SNP
Animal breeding (Council of Complex Environmental Sciences)70 %
Ortelius classification: Animal breeding
Genomics, comparative genomics, functional genomics (Council of Medical and Biological Sciences)20 %
Animal biotechnology (Council of Complex Environmental Sciences)10 %
Panel Plant and animal breeding
Department or equivalent Agricultural Biotechnology Institute (ABC) (National Agricultural Research and Innovation Centre)
Starting date 2015-01-01
Closing date 2018-11-30
Funding (in million HUF) 25.315
FTE (full time equivalent) 2.46
state running project

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