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Details of project

Type K
Principal investigator Barta, Zoltán
Title in Hungarian A csoport működése és a szociális kapcsolatok mintázata
Title in English Group functioning and patterns of social interactions
Keywords in Hungarian csapatos élet, szociális evolúció, kapcsolatelemzés, viselkedésökológia
Keywords in English living in groups, social evolution, analysis of interactions, behavioural ecology
Phylogenetics, systematics, taxonomy, comparative biology, ecophysiology (Council of Complex Environmental Sciences)50 %
Animal behaviour, behavioural ecology (Council of Complex Environmental Sciences)30 %
Ortelius classification: Animal ethology
Environmental biology, ecotoxicology (Council of Complex Environmental Sciences)20 %
Ortelius classification: Animal ecology
Panel Agriculture, Environment, Ecology, Earth Sciences committee chairs
Department or equivalent Department of Evolutionary Zoology and Human Biology (University of Debrecen)
Participants Fülöp, Attila
Starting date 2015-02-01
Closing date 2020-01-31
Funding (in million HUF) 26.512
FTE (full time equivalent) 5.25
state running project

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