Biomimetic formation and organization of magnetite nanoparticles  Page description

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Details of project

Type NN
Principal investigator Pósfai, Mihály
Title in Hungarian Magnetit nanorészecskék biomimetikus szintézise
Title in English Biomimetic formation and organization of magnetite nanoparticles
Keywords in Hungarian magnetit, mágneses baktérium, flagelláris filamentum, bio-nanotechnológia, biomimetikus szintézis
Keywords in English magnetite, magnetotactic bacteria, flagellar filament, bio-nanotechnology, biomimetic synthesis
Organic, Biomolecular, and Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Council of Physical Sciences)40 %
Material Science and Technology (chemistry) (Council of Physical Sciences)30 %
Mineralogy, Petrology (Council of Complex Environmental Sciences)30 %
Ortelius classification: Mineralogy
Panel Chemistry 1
Department or equivalent Institute of Environmental Scienece, Department of Earth and Environmental Science (University of Pannonia)
Participants Bereczk-Tompa, Éva
Husztiné Nagy, Georgina
Jankovics, Hajnalka
Pekker, Péter
Vonderviszt, Ferenc
Starting date 2015-09-01
Closing date 2019-08-31
Funding (in million HUF) 29.784
FTE (full time equivalent) 7.00
state running project


Events of the project

2018-05-03 16:17:04
Résztvevők változása
2017-10-06 08:54:23
Résztvevők változása
2016-11-24 14:26:25
Résztvevők változása

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