Behavior of discrete and continuous time stochastic processes  Page description

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Details of project

Type FK
Principal investigator Kevei, Péter
Title in Hungarian Diszkrét és folytonos idejű sztochasztikus folyamatok viselkedése
Title in English Behavior of discrete and continuous time stochastic processes
Keywords in Hungarian sztochasztikus parciális differenciálegyenletek, perpetuitások, szemistablilis eloszlások
Keywords in English stochastic partial differential equations, perpetuities, semistable laws
Mathematics (Council of Physical Sciences)100 %
Ortelius classification: Probability theory
Panel Mathematics and Computing Science
Department or equivalent Bolyai Institute (University of Szeged)
Starting date 2017-09-01
Closing date 2021-08-31
Funding (in million HUF) 8.056
FTE (full time equivalent) 2.80
state running project

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