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Details of project

Type K
Principal investigator Kóczy, László Áron
Title in Hungarian Szavazási problémák elosztási kérdései
Title in English Allocational problems in voting situations
Keywords in Hungarian szavazás, játékelmélet, hatalmi befolyás, körzetkiosztás
Keywords in English voting, game theory, voting power, apportionment
Economics (Council of Humanities and Social Sciences)90 %
Ortelius classification: Microeconomics
Political Science (Council of Humanities and Social Sciences)10 %
Ortelius classification: Political sciences
Panel Economics
Department or equivalent Institute of Economics, (Centre for Economic and Regional Studies)
Participants Petróczy, Dóra Gréta
Szendrey, Orsolya
Starting date 2018-10-01
Closing date 2022-09-30
Funding (in million HUF) 23.464
FTE (full time equivalent) 5.20
state running project

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