State power and political press in Hungary (1861-1875)  Page description

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Details of project

Type K
Principal investigator Deák, Ágnes
Title in Hungarian Államhatalom és politikai sajtó Magyarországon (1861-1875)
Title in English State power and political press in Hungary (1861-1875)
Keywords in Hungarian sajtópolitika, újságírás normái, folyamatosság, megszakítottság, Schmerling-provizórium, dualizmus első évei
Keywords in English press politics, norm of the profession of journalism, continuity, break, Schmerling-provisorium, first years of the Dual Monarchy
History (Council of Humanities and Social Sciences)100 %
Ortelius classification: Modern history
Panel History
Department or equivalent Department of Modern and Contemporary Hungarian History (University of Szeged)
Participants Cieger, András
Tamás, Ágnes
Starting date 2016-12-01
Closing date 2020-11-30
Funding (in million HUF) 24.557
FTE (full time equivalent) 5.89
state running project


Events of the project

2017-02-24 14:08:42
Résztvevők változása

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