Towards a unified framework of implicit sequence learning  Page description

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Details of project

Type K
Principal investigator Németh, Dezső
Title in Hungarian Az implicit szekvenciatanulás egységes modellje felé
Title in English Towards a unified framework of implicit sequence learning
Keywords in Hungarian implicit tanulás, statisztikai tanulás, automatikus viselkedés
Keywords in English implicit learning, statistical learning, automatic behaviors
Psychology (Council of Humanities and Social Sciences)100 %
Ortelius classification: Experimental psychology
Panel Psychology and Education
Department or equivalent Institute of Psychology (Eötvös Loránd University)
Participants Janacsek, Karolina
Starting date 2018-09-01
Closing date 2022-08-31
Funding (in million HUF) 45.336
FTE (full time equivalent) 1.20
state running project

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