Unraveling the impact of compensatory evolution on metabolic divergence  Page description

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Details of project

Type FK
Principal investigator Kalapis, Dorottya
Title in Hungarian A kompenzáló evolúció szerepe új anyagcsereállapotok kialakulásában
Title in English Unraveling the impact of compensatory evolution on metabolic divergence
Keywords in Hungarian Kompenzáló evolúció, anyagcsere, Escherichia coli
Keywords in English Compensatory evolution, metabolism, Escherichia coli
Metabolomics (Council of Medical and Biological Sciences)50 %
Systems biology (Council of Medical and Biological Sciences)30 %
Evolutionary ecology and genetics, coevolution (Council of Complex Environmental Sciences)20 %
Panel Life Sciences Committee Chairs
Department or equivalent Institute of Biochemistry (Biological Research Centre Szeged)
Participants Mokochinski, Joao Benhur
Szappanos, Balázs
Starting date 2018-09-01
Closing date 2022-08-31
Funding (in million HUF) 39.936
FTE (full time equivalent) 4.80
state running project

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