Impact of Mechanical load on cardiac excitation-contraction coupling.  Page description

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Details of project

Type K
Principal investigator Bányász, Tamás
Title in Hungarian Mechanikai terhelés hatása a szív elektromechanikai kapcsolatára.
Title in English Impact of Mechanical load on cardiac excitation-contraction coupling.
Keywords in Hungarian szívizomsejt, elektromechanikai kapcsolat, akciós potenciál, ionáramok, kalcium
Keywords in English cardiac myocyte, excitation-contraction coupling, action potential, ion current, calcium
Cardiology and cardiovascular medicine (Council of Medical and Biological Sciences)80 %
Biophysics (e.g. transport mechanisms, bioenergetics, fluorescence) (Council of Medical and Biological Sciences)20 %
Panel Physiology, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology and Endocrinology
Department or equivalent Department of Physiology (University of Debrecen)
Participants Horváth, Balázs
Kovács, Zsigmond Máté
Reznik, György Imre
Tóth, Petra Rita
Starting date 2024-01-01
Closing date 2027-12-31
Funding (in million HUF) 47.700
FTE (full time equivalent) 10.40
state running project

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