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Details of project

Type K
Principal investigator Bárány, Imre
Title in Hungarian Diszkrét geometria és kombinatorikus konvexitás
Title in English Discrete geometry and combinatorial convexity
Panel Mathematics and Computing Science
Department or equivalent Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics
Participants Füredi, Zoltán
Kincses, János
Pach, János
Pór, Attila
Solymosi, Jozsef
Tóth, Géza
Starting date 2004-01-01
Closing date 2006-12-31
Funding (in million HUF) 6.262
FTE (full time equivalent) 0.00
state closed project


Final report

Results in Hungarian
Ez az OTKA palyazat viszonylag rovid, mindossze ket eves volt. Ehhez kepest sok jelentos eredmenyet ertunk el, es a kituzott feladatok nagyreszeben komoly elorelepes tortent. Barany Imrenek peldaul sikerult egy sikbeli konvex halmaz maximalis affin keruletu reszhalmazat karakterizalnia. Furedi Zoltan tobbek kozott azt vizsgalta, hogy egy adott haromszog milyen feltetelek mellett fedheto le pozitiv es negativ homotetikus peldanyainak segitsegevel gazdasagosan. Pach Janos es Toth Geza tovabb folytattak geometriai grafok keresztezesi szamara vontakozo kutatasaikat, ezen kivul tobb diszkret geometriai problemat oldottak meg. Por Attila (Barany Imrevel es Pavel Valtrral kozosen) megoldotta azt a sejtest, miszerint n tetszoleges sikbeli pontot fol lehet fuzni egy olyan torottvonalra, amelynek minden szoge legalabb 20 fokos. Solymosi Jozsef kombinatorikus modszerek alkalmazasait vizsgalta szamelmeleti problemakban. A kutatasaiban kiemelt szerepet jatszott diszkret geometriai eredmenyek hasznalata szamelmeleti kerdesekben.
Results in English
This OTKA project has been short, only two year long. Yet we have succeeded to have many significant results, and produced real improvements in most of the targeted areas. Imre Barany, for instance, proved a characterization theorem for the maximal affine perimeter convex subset of a given convex body in the plane. Zoltan Furedi studied, among other things, under what condition a given triangle can be economically covered by its positive and negative homothetic copies. Janos Pach and Geza Toth have continued their investigations into the theory of crossing numbers and geometric graphs. They further solved several problems from discrete geometry. Attila Por, together with Imre Barany and Pavel Valtr, has solved the conjecture stating that, given an n point set in the plane, there exists a polygonal path through these points with all of its angles larger than 20 degrees. Jozsef Solymosi studied applications of combinatorial methods in number theory, in particular, the use of results from discrete geometry in number theory problems.
Full text http://real.mtak.hu/1357/


List of publications

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